Rhonda Byrne, the author of The Secret, ‘discovered the secret laws and principles of the universe’ on a spring day in 2004 (as per her website). This discovery led to a complete transformation of her life and since then she has made it her mission to spread the secret to everyone who wants to transform his/her life. Over the past four years most people in the western world, especially the US, have heard about The Secret. Millions of Americans and Europeans have read the book in the past few years, many more have watched the movie, millions have read other books on similar topics. You are probably one of us.

So why is the West in the BIGGEST recession in history?

I think if in the past 3 years just 1 million people had used The Secret to attract love and financial abundance successfully, 10 million others would have asked them how they did it. And if The Secret had worked for most of those 10 million, then another 100 million people would have wanted to know about it and would have transformed their lives.

However, over 100 million people have been DIRECTLY affected by the recession in the US alone. Millions have lost jobs, homes, savings, good standards of living, and businesses. Is this what they wanted to attract? The same is true to a great
degree in the rest of the western world where The Secret has been translated in local languages.

Why is it that in the time in history when the secret laws of the universe are so widely known, we end-up attracting the WORST financial disaster that has engulfed the entire planet? Look around, those who haven’t been affected by this
economic meltdown are probably the ones who never read The Secret!

So do these secret laws exist? Does The Secret work? Some say it does, the overwhelming evidence seems to say it doesn’t.

In my view, the problem with The Secret is that it keeps the real secrets a secret! Does the author say where she found these secret laws? No, not in the movie at least. Why is there a lot of criticism in the mainstream media in the US about it?
Does it criticize the Law of Gravity? No, the Law of Gravity works – always, like a law is supposed to..

My intention is not to criticize a book that has opened the minds of millions, nor do I wish to criticize Ms.Bryne’s benevolent intentions. I simply wish to point out that there seem to be some glaring shortcomings in most people’s
understanding of The Secret and, in some cases, this harms them as well as recognition The Laws of The Universe deserve.
There is more to using The Secret than knowing the Laws of the Universe (The Secret does not clearly reveal the most important law!).

Much more. This is the gap that you can fill for yourself if you know EFT, and understand of the Laws of the Universe.

[This is what I teach at the Advanced EFT/Law of Attraction workshops. These workshops do not guarantee a beautiful transformation in your life, nor do they guarantee you more of even one thing that you want more of – just like a good engineering education does not guarantee a good engineering job. You have to at least APPLY for the job and then APPLY the education to keep the job. The workshops teach you what/how to APPLY, with a clear focus on some important shifts you wish to attract into your life.]

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