Just about EVERYONE on the planet who knows anything about American society believed that it was highly unlikely, if not impossible, for a black man to become a US president this time around. This belief was proven right to a great degree – Barack Obama got less votes in this election in most southern and mid-western states as the overall winner, than what John Kerry got in those states in the last election as the loser. Before he started, and during his campaign Barack knew he was perceived as a black man in the US.

He also knew

how many blacks have even tried to run for President/VP in the US’ history

that for most Americans, Saddam Hussein was an embodiment of evil and an enemy of the US, and since 9/11 for many Americans ALL Muslims are suspects. Baracks’ middle name is Hussein

that many in the US believe/suspect that he is an Arab, and hence evil (because Obama sounds like Osama).

that some Americans openly said they would rather die than live under a black president

that a significant number of Democrats who supported Hillary said they would vote for McCain if Hillary wasn’t

nominated, and they did

that he did not have the kind of personal wealth that the McCains or the Clintons had when he started campaigning (And we all know money is very very very important in the US presidential election, especially this one.)

that during the early stages of the campaign – when he was trying to decide whether to run or not – he wasn’t nearly as well known as the Clintons. The whole world knew who Hillary was.

that 8 years ago he ran to be elected as a Congressman and lost. Did you hear about that campaign then? No, and neither did most people on the planet. It was a tiny campaign compared to the Presidential one and he lost.

that he is very young, by US Presidential standards

He knew all this and more. He had to. So, Barack KNEW he was too black, too young, relatively unknown, not rich enough, much weaker a candidate than Hillary, going to end up in huge debt if he lost-like Hillary is in now, but young enough to wait for another 4 years before he ran.

Or did he? Did he go by any of these beliefs? It doesn’t seem like it to me.

So what did he know? In my opinion, all he knew was “I know I can.” And that’s all that mattered, didn’t it?

Are there situations in your life you would like to see changed? Situations created by others and out of your control? Situations that are stagnant because of them? The situation Barack wanted to change depended on millions of people. How many people does your situation depend on?

One person. Only you. Change what you know and what you know will change. Yes, you can un-know what isn’t serving you well. You can begin to know what will serve you, like “The Universe’s bank account can never dry up, even if all 6 billion humans draw abundance from it.”

So what do you know, dear one? What is impossible? What is possible? Are you lazy? Are you struggling? Are you beautiful? Are you rich? Whatever you say, you are right. So why not say/think something useful? Choose to know useful things, like “I know I can change for the better.” What you `know’, although seemingly real, is only a strong belief. That’s all. Install useful beliefs into your energy and watch your reality change for the better. With EFT this is very simple.

Pankaj Gupta (

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