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The Pankaj Method

What is The Pankaj Method®?

The Pankaj Method® is much more than EFT and heals most incurable conditions, curable conditions, relationships, and financial issues too, to make your life more satisfying. It reduces and eliminates pain from your life, and increases your Energy and Happiness!

What sets The Pankaj Method® apart from other healing systems is that it incorporates accurate, scientific diagnosis to first determine the real cause of your pain/disease/situation and then Pankaj determines the best, personalised treatment for you that gives you permanent relief. Some of the diagnostic tools used in The Pankaj Method® are ancient and some are modern. So are the healing techniques used such as EFT, Breathwork, natural remedies (not medicines) etc. Anyone who goes to Pankaj for help experiences some form of The Pankaj Method®, and those who attend his workshops are introduced to it through some of the healing techniques and more importantly, some of the scientific diagnostic methods that provide permanent relief.

There is no other system or healer that teaches you how to heal and prevent pain, in the simple, logical and scientific manner that Pankaj does with The Pankaj Method®.

What is EFT, how does it work?

By tapping on the body’s energy points, along with other inputs, EFT triggers your body’s powerful natural healing response that heals physical, emotional and mental pain, permanently. EFT is an energy technique that uses no medicines, diets, or equipment and is quick, gentle, effective and safe. For the last 20 years Pankaj has been routinely healing ‘incurable’ conditions with EFT and other ‘energy techniques’, often in just one or two sessions.
He has even demonstrated live EFT healings on NDTV and Zee Business in India, and on Malayasia’s national news service Brenama TV. Scientific studies have proven EFT’s effectiveness for physical, mental and emotional problems.
  • anxiety/stress
  • depression
  • fears and phobias
  • financial blocks
  • addictions
  • excess weight
  • low self-esteem
  • relationship issues
  • chronic pain
  • Sleep disorders
  • IBS
  • allergies
  • Inferiority complexes
  • Eating disorders
  • Migraines
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Diabetes
  • confidence issues
  • Trauma
Where did it originate?
In the early 1990’s a California doctor’s amazing discovery showed that the human mind and body’s astounding healing powers can be unleashed using one’s fingertips. A Stanford engineer then showed how this natural healing power that human beings have can not only heal our bodies, but also our minds, hearts, relationships, circumstances and situations. These may seem like tall claims, but Pankaj Gupta explains it all logically, scientifically and with irrefutable evidence. If a friend has referred you to this website/workshop it is because the benefits stated here are absolutely true and he/she has experienced them. Since its development in the early 1990s, EFT has been written about in the media extensively, and has been scientifically tested by doctors and scientists.
Who uses EFT?
EFT is practiced in more than 100 countries around the world by working professionals, mothers, senior citizens, and students. Many medical doctors and therapists use it too.
How can I learn to use EFT, effectively?
Though EFT is a simple technique to learn, using it effectively requires some additional knowledge and skill. If you wish to learn EFT properly, it is advised that you learn it from an experienced teacher and not from an online video. Please note that a 2-4 hour training workshop will not give you all the necessary skills to use EFT effectively. Your results will be quite limited without the additional knowledge and skill that an experienced trainer can impart in a longer workshop.
The best way to learn EFT for permanent results, perhaps, is to attend The Pankaj Method® workshop with Pankaj (formerly known as the Live The Life You Want workshop). He has conducted almost 1500 workshops worldwide and has 20 years of teaching experience. Please click here for workshop information.
Can I heal with EFT without having to learn it?
Yes! Pankaj is a skilled and gifted healer who heals people around the world daily. You can have a private healing session with him in person or on the phone/Skype. Please click here for more information about one-on-one sessions and making appointments.
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