Vidushi Mehra

New Delhi, India

The Pankaj Method® changed her life 100 fold

“My introduction to Pankaj was made early in 2012, ever since my life has changed a 100 fold positively. I had multiple issues with my outlook, behaviour, and the overall quality of my life. Having suffered an irreparable personal loss and everything going awry thereafter in all my relationships, I had reached rock bottom and had no answers and had almost given up on whether my life was ever going to change for the better. Since knowing, understanding and practising Pankaj’s teachings, I have found a sea change in the way I think, handle my children and husband, and my attitude towards work. I am an actor, a mother of 8 yrs old twins and wife to a celebrity fashion designer. My kids and I now have a profound understanding for each other, my husband and I get along better than we ever did. I find success after success in my career. I can now easily handle and solve emotional stress, crises and the challenges life throws at us. I strongly urge each one of you to allow yourself to experience Pankaj’s sessions and talks. You will start understanding yourself and your life instantly and prevent problems from happening.”

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