New Delhi, India

Lost after her marriage of 21 years came to a better end, she is living with her head held high

After my marriage of 21 years came to a bitter end, I was relieved and confused, anxious and deeply hurt. Two years after it, my pain didn’t seem to abet! I continued to feel betrayed and angry as I struggled to survive and support my children. I felt overwhelming guilt about being a burden on my parents, and not providing enough to my children. After healing sessions and workshops with Pankaj, all my painful emotional baggage vanished and I feel confident, happy and empowered. My divorce seems very distant, I have quit my low-paying job and am finding steady success in my new business. I have also been able to empower my daughters, all thanks to Pankaj’s teachings. I am not living a compromised life any more. I am living with my head held high, a smile on my face and my own money in my purse.”

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