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I hope it has been a restful summer for you thus far…or winter, if you are on the other half of the planet. I am sharing below my Facebook post from today and that is followed by an earlier note I had sent that explains the point a little more. I hope it inspires you to set aside some time to tap 🙂

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I just saw this online and want to share my point of view with you. It may help you get more of what you want.

“Analysis of several hundred people who had accumulated fortunes well beyond the million dollar mark disclosed the fact that every one of them had the habit of reaching decisions promptly,” Hill wrote in his 1937 classic, “Think and Grow Rich.”

One reason why we delay decisions is because we are unsure about making a choice. Uncertainty is usually caused by a lack of trust about an outcome. Lack of trust is the same as fear. You may have fears about making a choice (decision) and also about not making it. This is what keeps you indecisive, usually. When you know how to use EFT (or tap) properly you know how to erase fears. I’ve long said that clarity is power. Those millionaires are living examples of that power. This power isn’t about making money alone. It gets you health and love too.

Tap your way into clarity and the rest will follow.

Hello from Kuala Lumpur!

At the start of the workshop today I shared with the group that every group comes together for a reason, and there are often similarities among the participants and their issues. Today’s half day session saw all the participants have clear physical reactions while tapping away blocked emotions – nausea, vomiting, gut-wrenching crying, uncontrollable belching, dizziness and more. And all of them felt very light and relaxed by the time they left. You may think you were lucky you didn’t have a group like this, but I think it is great if your body reacts so quickly and releases so much blocked energy on your behalf – that saves you a lot of tapping!

One of the questions a student asked prompted this note on using EFT to gain clarity.

When you are confused about a decision it is because you have fears on both sides of the issue. You are afraid of losing something if you choose one option, and afraid of losing something else if you choose the other option. For example, you may have to decide on an exciting new job that takes you away from your young family for long periods of time. The traditional way of getting clarity involves listing and weighing the pros and cons and then making the decision. The clarity this exercise affords is often not enough to get us out of our internal conflict.

I have always taught that one must strive to operate from one’s centre, i.e. from a peaceful, non-reactive space. When you are fearful about making choices, you are clearly reactive for you are reacting to the consequences your fears are showing you. Not much good comes out of reactive choices. A better way to decide would be to first tap out all the fears – fears about making one choice, and those about making the other. When you do that you will often have complete clarity and the correct decision will happen naturally, without internal conflict. Conflicts aren’t just about making decisions. EFT can even help you resolve and be free of unresolved conflicts with others- without saying a word to them. If that interests you please see the story entitled “Tapping Away The Pain” on https://www.thepankajmethod.com/press-articles/
My suggestion is to tap yourself into clarity rather than ask others for their inputs first. The clarity you find on your own by clearing your energy will serve you better than anything anyone else can tell you.

If you have forgotten how to tap, feel free to re-attend the basic workshop (practically free) or attend the free follow-up workshops (ask, if you want one soon).

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