Rita (name changed) is an enthusiastic tapper who attended the basic and advanced workshops in March, 2013. She is a wife, mother and a talented professional singer and actor. She has shared some of the manifestations in her life since these workshops. I had shared her account with you back then and am re-sending it now because her list shows us clearly that when one shifts one’s inner reality, the resulting shifts are at emotional, mental, physical, personal, professional, financial and spiritual levels. These are all effortless shifts and are permanent – she has been in touch with me so I know what has been happening in her life. Read her account to get inspired!

Feel free to re-attend the basic workshop (Live The Life You Want) practically free, attend follow up workshops (totally free), Advanced workshops, retreats and/or individual sessions. All workshops and sessions are available online. Even watching my TEDx video on tappingchanges.com often can help you to make shifts. Email me your questions and success stories…or just drop a line and tell me how you are…I remember you.

Love and blessings,



From Rita:
1 Aug 2013

Dear Pankaj,

I am oozing with happiness as I share my experience with what I have gained through you and your workshops.

1. At the basic workshop I attended in March 2013 in the first round of EFT, a two year old, constant severe point of pain in my spinal cord due to the epidural injection I received at the time of delivery of my baby girl was GONE. It’s been 4 months now and not even an iota of pain is there. My back has never felt so strong ever since my childhood. I now choose to sit up straight and do not choose seats with back rest at all.

2. In the next 10 days time, I was hired to sing an international film song. It was a previously an undoable song for me being a very high pitched song. I hated my limited vocal range. To add to that, I have suffered from deep fears of singing and performing. We tapped away all these fears at the workshop and I was therefore able to audition for the song. I was selected for this song and it will soon be in the movie!

3. I was a sickly child who was always low on energy and prone to viral infection all the time. At the Advanced workshop (Brain Surgery) later in March, 2013  Pankaj taught us some super-powerful tapping ‘tools’ to improve and maintain high energy levels. It’s unbelievable that I rarely feel tired or lethargic ever since then. Even my sleep requirement as reduced by a few hours too.

4. I am mostly calm and peaceful since then. For the first time in 34 years my mother said that “You are very patient”. Every now and then my husband asks ” Are you really the same girl I married 9 years ago?”

5. While I use to get bouts of anger twice in a day, now they happen once in about fifteen days only. The frequency is decreasing day by day, as I am gradually becoming less reactive and more peaceful.

6. I recently did two re-birthing (breath-work) sessions with Pankaj with the intention of getting more work assignments, and in less than one week I got three calls from new clients. Out of these three I have already finished shooting with one of them.

Pankaj has profound knowledge of his work and every time I have connected with him, it has brought me immense benefits. This list is the tip of the iceberg. I highly recommend Pankaj’s workshops and teachings to reconnect to our real Source, which is the Love and Light within us.

Thank you Pankaj for coming into my life as a great mentor.

Connected to abundance of love and light,

Vocal Artist/Actor, Mumbai


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