Ishika Singh

Lost 2kg in one healing session “I lost 2 kgs in one healing session with Mr.Gupta. The session had left me feeling very light and calm, so

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Shalini Jain

Lost 2kgs in 2 days during the workshop “Unbelievable, I healed away 2kgs in 2 days during the Live The Life You Want workshop with Pankaj 10 days ago. Nothing

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Anjali K. Raheja

Lost 3.5 kg at the workshop “I lost 3.5kgs at the weekend workshop with Mr.Gupta. My anger also vanished and my relationships were reborn soon after.

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Palak Raheja

I lost 3kgs over a weekend workshop “I lost 3kgs during Mr.Gupta’s weekend workshop. Many other participants there also lost weight effortlessly.

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Karuna Sharma

Lost 4kgs in one day without any diets or exercise “My weight dropped by 4kgs during Mr.Gupta’s workshop – without any diets or exercise – just by healing

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Julie Bhatia

Lost 25kgs in 4 months after the workshop “I never thought dropping my fears and anger could drop my weight! That’s what Mr.Gupta showed us and I

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