Success workshop

Prakash Vania

His boss said impossible and Pankaj laughed “I wanted a career jump that would take me from Singapore to London which my boss said was impossible for me.

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Monica Dogra

She tripled her earnings, celebrities started collaborating with her “After years of trying many kinds of healings, I attended Mr.Gupta’s workshop. He connected all the dots so simply that I

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Divij Chopra

He got 4 promotions in 18 months, ending a 7 year lull “I met Pankaj Gupta when my career was doing well but I had not received a single promotion in seven years. Engaging

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Deepika Jindal

She made a USD 1 million profit after the Brain Surgery workshop “My 7-year loss making manufacturing business made a US$1 million profit after the Brain Surgery

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Abhimanyu Mishra

He broke his vicious circle of evasive success “As a consultant entrepreneur I had a serious problem – I would get a deal worth a million dollars, sail high, and then

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