Brian Knight

His big positive changes inspire his friends “Having attended Pankaj’s workshop online, I can’t describe the big positive changes it has made in my life. I am

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Shobie Malani

She cleared her forgotten childhood trauma, and her life changed completely “Mr.Gupta’s workshop brought surprisingly deep revelations to an alternative/natural therapies fan like me.

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Yana Fry

One of the best workshops ever! “I had been seeking emotional healing for 3 years. This workshop is one of the best I have ever attended.

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Abe Scher

Psychotherapist convinced of the effectiveness “I attended Mr.Gupta’s workshop to learn The Pankaj Method and was highly impressed with his

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Anita Woo

A must-do for anyone who wants empowerment “No matter what stage of life you are in, workshops with Mr.Gupta are a must-do. I have not only cleared emotional

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