Chithra Prasankumar

A year ago, I took Pankaj’s inspiring and life changing ‘Live the Life You Want’ workshop in New York. EFT, the simple and immensely powerful tool, applied with his teachings and guidance resulted in complete relief from chronic low-back pain. I also regained my Energy by totally discarding debilitating emotional baggage I had carried for years.

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Petra Strahl

Chronic stomach ache permanently cured in one session “Pankaj healed a chronic stomach ache I had had for days in a matter of minutes. I couldn’t believe it. I have been fine since then.”

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Sanjeev Sharma

Stubborn arthritis cured very quickly “The stubborn, incurable arthritis pain in both my knees, that I suffered from for many years, vanished

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Jeremy G.

Severe backache cured in a few minutes, friends and family come and thank me “Pankaj healed my severe backache in a few minutes. I attended his workshop and was very impressed. My wife, friends

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Dr. Sonia Softa

Doctor’s Fibromyalgia cured, starts working again “Healing sessions with Pankaj Gupta have given me 99% relief from Fibromyalgia, and I have re-started working full-time

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Divij Chopra

Decade-old migraine cured permanently, he is free from phobias for six years now “Six years ago I did healing with Pankaj Gupta. From the first session I found relief on a number of issues like…

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