Anurag Prashar

He went from corporate anxiety to success, and achieved work-life balance “Having gone through many techniques, Pankaj’s approach was the only one which created a wonderful bridge between

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Clotilde J.

From high anxiety to high energy in no time “Healing sessions and a workshop with Mr.Gupta has helped me to come out of stress, worry and anxiety and to start

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Toranj Kayvon

She found success when Pankaj made her fearless “I was very courageous till I met Mr.Gupta. He helped me realize that my fears required me to be courageous. My continued

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Sanjay Menon

Focus increased and stress decreased after just one session “After just one personal session with Pankaj I found a big drop in my daily stress levels that were very high because

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Judith Szper Henke

Life long fear and anxiety disappear after the workshop “I lived in a state of constant fear and anxiety my entire life. Pankaj’s workshop has helped me erase a lot of my

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Dr. Gautam Laud

Doctor’s life becomes a 360 degree success – in sports, career and relationships “After following Pankaj’s guidance and applying The Pankaj Method® my life-long conflicted relationship with my father began changing, I became

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