Anushree Somany


Pankaj made her son a class topper, rising from the bottom of the class

“My son moved school and had a tough time adjusting. He kept getting into trouble. The complaint calls from the school created a tense atmosphere at home and the little boy just collapsed into a downward spiral and a string of illnesses. I took him to have healing sessions with Pankaj and soon after that we went on a summer break. On returning to school he had moved up a grade and at our first parent teacher meet we went in expecting the teacher to tell us what could be improved. To our delightful shock this is what the teacher said, “I do not know what child you are speaking about. He’s not the bottom of the class. He’s one of the top students!” There was a considerable shift in my son’s personality. What’s more – he’s almost at the end of the school year now and we’ve heard nothing but praise for our child. We owe this complete transformation to Pankaj’s method.”

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