Pankaj Gupta cured his own 15-year old recurring migraine in 1999, and has since then cured people of migraines and other incurable conditions, without medicines, on all 6 continents. He has even cured doctors of their migraines and Fibromyalgia (another ‘incurable’ condition).

Pankaj was invited to present his work at TEDx Delhi in 2012 and has been on national and international TV across Asia.

Migraines take different lengths of time to cure, depending on their severity and the person’s state of being. Migraines for younger patients have been cured in less than a day and for others in 1-3 months. The cure involves a few dietary changes, and healing sessions in which breath-work and EFT are used to restore balance. You can take the first step to a migraine-free life now by registering for a session with Pankaj, in person in Singapore or online on Skype.

To schedule an appointment to start your treatment, please deposit below the fee for the first session which is 2.5 hours long. We will contact you to book your session once we receive your deposit.

Subsequent sessions are usually 1.5-2 hours long and charged at SGD200/hour.

If you need to contact us please call/WhatApp +65 84910565 or write to info@scientificwellness.sg

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